My story as the owner of Utopia Gallery has been amazing. I relocated to the Pacific Northwest from Detroit in 1985 and left my corporate job of 19 years after my daughter Emily was born. What a life change… Back then, I loved visiting a wonderful rock shop on Lake Union in Seattle. One day I saw a sign in the window that said “for sale.” I decided that the time was right to pursue a new career path and in 1993 I bought the rock shop and I named it   Utopia - the perfect place of harmony. In 1998, I decided to move to the Redmond Town Center location, this beautiful open shopping mall is the perfect location for my dream gallery. In my role as the owner, curator and gallery's buyer I’m exposed to a vast variety of great designers from the Pacific Northwest and the world allowing me to find unique works of art, jewelry and stones to put together an exclusive and diverse collection in our gallery.


My husband and daughter are both proud graduates of the University of Washington. 

My husband, Dennis, is a contracted musician and assists in the operations of Utopia. In my time away from Utopia I enjoy being with our two dogs;  Luna, and Stella. We have mixes of Golden Retriever, Border collie, Boxer and Catahoula. We are dog friendly at Utopia Gallery; we have treats and always have a bowl of water outside to refresh your pets. We have wonderful and supportive customers that visit our gallery with their dogs frequently to see what’s new and enjoy our vast selection of art.

Come and visit Utopia,  and Escape the Ordinary!


Moving to Seattle from Detroit took me far from my Motown roots. Music has always been my passion and I’m lucky to be able to make a career as musician and an artist playing bass for different groups and venues. My music career led me to the University of Washington where I was able to work with amazing teachers and players, getting a degree in instrumental performance in 1995. I keep busy doing lots of concerts and recordings, mostly Classical, Jazz, or World Music. I enjoy practicing music, writing new music, and the history channel. I also very much enjoy hiking. Living in the Pacific Northwest has given me a rare opportunity to hike through amazing forests, mountains and seascapes.

Although my role in Utopia is behind the scenes (accounting), I share the vision of creating a unique collection inspired by local Seattle artists.

Together with Janis, we’ve created a wonderful gallery with a variety of unique art of which I am very proud.

Come and visit Utopia and Escape the Ordinary!